Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Auntie is in Paris

You probably have heard that my Aunt Lucy is in Paris "on her own" - well, lah de dah - (I think that's French or is it ooh lah lah?) well, anyway, she's on this grand adventure, sending us emails and beautiful pictures. As long as she is there, I asked her to send me a picture of a real live French Poodle. Very tres chic of me, don't you think? Oh, I think I'm getting this French stuff....

Would you believe that she hasn't really seen any true French Poodles but just LOOK at this beautiful little Lhasa Apso taking a stroll right in front of a real authentic French sidewalk cafe - now, I KNOW that is ooh lah lah!! and double lah de dah!!

Auntie Lucy, thank you so much - I love this little cutie. I know she would love me too - well, I mean who wouldn't??

Au Revoir or something like that......


1 comment:

lucy said...

dear riley--
she really is a cutie. i have decided, however, that the official French dog is the cocker spaniel!!! go figure?!?!?!
thanks for the mention.
xxoxoxox auntie lu