Monday, March 3, 2008

Is it Riley or an impersonator?

My Auntie Lucy sent me this photo and email today from Paris -

dear riley--
you have turned your auntie into a dog stalker. tess has had to restrain me
several times, but here is one that makes me wonder if maybe you are here
stalking me perhaps? :-)

Auntie - I love that you've uncovered what would seem to be a spitting image of me in France - but alas, myself is planted here in the States for the moment, secure in the knowledge that my true ancestry remains firmly imbedded in the sophisticated West Highlands of Scotland!

Please, however, do not feel discouraged in your efforts to secure photos of the delightful doggies that seem to inhabit the French cityscape.

Ever longing to be with you,



lucy said...

dear riley--
your wonderful post makes this photo taken under subterfuge and at a near run look good. i still am not 100% certain that was not you and your person :-)
woof woof to you!

Sunrise Sister said...

Dear Auntie Lu - thank you again for the photos. Andy and I are certain that you are going to sleep for a month once you return home because we don't know when you are sleeping now - the photos, the blogs, the emails - whew! Great job keeping us all along on the trip.

Riley AND Andy