Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cisco - he's Parisienne

So, excited - Auntie Lu has done it again - another new face on my site.....and listen to this description. We definitely need to allow me and my pals into restaurants - yeah?

oh riley--
you cannot imagine the "luxury" allowed les chiens (doesn't that sound nicer
than 'the dogs') here in paris. tess and i were in a tres chic restaurant and one of your very close cousins was dining right next to us. while we tried all evening to figure out how to nonchalantly take a picture for you, the imposing french woman at his side (his person for sure) was a bit too intimidating.

next time your people go to whitehouse crawford, perhaps you could ask to go along? just tell them that is how it is done in france.

here is one more photo for your journal. his name - Cisco. his person - a somewhat gruff, cigar smoking, beret wearing man with quite good english. we asked to photograph him too, but were soundly denied. i believe Cisco is a more distant cousin of yours, but i thought you would enjoy his coloring. we met him at a sidewalk cafe in my neighborhood and i am hoping to see him again. he is 9 months old...just a little puppy :-)

i hope you are enjoying having your people home. i know they are glad to see you...not sure whether they are happy to be back home, but certain you and andy are getting lots of attention (we have not seen any of andy's relatives here.)

much love,
auntie lu

photo by Lucy in Paris


lucy said...

thanks for showing cisco here. i think he was my favorite as he most resembles my big bear of a dog, curry, that i am most anxious to get home and love on.

riley, i really do believe you would love paris and, of course, paris would LOVE you. i am afraid there might be a little too much action for your brother, andy, however.

hugs to your people for me!

au revoir

Tess said...

Riley, when you next see your Auntie Lu, you must ask her how long it took her to remember Cisco's name!


Tess - I received several mixed messages from Auntie Lucy, suggesting that you and she were having trouble remembering Cisco's name.....and "settled upon" - Sebastian as a sub.

I mean I don't mean to be rude - was it those generous "pours" that I witnessed you two smiling over? I'm glad she finally came to her senses and remembered that handsome dog's name was Cisco!